Neuroscience Curriculum

Courses for Neuroscience are listed under the prefixes BIOL, CHEM, and PSYC. For more information on these and all courses offered, visit our Course Descriptions page, or visit the catalog page of the University of Scranton.

Major in Neuroscience

44 to 47 credits.

Majors must take 13 credits in electives which include: one elective must be taken from biology and one from psychology with the remaining credits coming from biology, neuroscience, or psychology.  Courses appropriate for biology majors would count for a biology elective and courses appropriate for a psychology major would count for a psychology elective. In addition, majors must take 3 credits of NEUR 493.  With permission of the director, NEUR 384 may be used to fulfill one psychology or biology elective requirement.

Cognate in Neuroscience

31 to 37 credits.

Students should consider their projected graduate program when choosing cognate electives from the areas of chemistry, mathematics, physics, and computer science.

For information on Neuroscience courses visit our Neuroscience Courses page.  For information on all courses offered, visit our Course Descriptions page.

 For more information about this program, visit the University Catalog.