Highlights: Faculty Research


Neuroscience faculty maintain active and vibrant research programs on a diversity of areas, ranging from cellular and molecular neuroscience, nerve cell regeneration, neuroanatomy, neurophysiology, and behavior.  The faculty work on an array of animal models that include mice, ants, bats, fish, birds, and humans using a diversity of laboratory techniques. 

This diversity of research creates a strong research culture and enviornment ideally suited for student involvement and engagement.   Majority of students in the Biology Department who are involved with research do so in the laboratory of a Neuroscience faculty member.  Our faculty routinely publish peer reviewed articles and give research presentations at international conferences with students.

Our newest faculty member, Dr. Jong-Hun Son

Our newest faculty member, Dr. Jong-Hun Son, uses the zebrafish model system to study neuron development and axon formation using cutting edge genetic techniques.  Read more about his research here.

The Gomez lab

Dr. George Gomez uses cell culture techniques to study aspects of nerve cell growth, development, and function.  Read about his research here.  A sampling of his publications co-authored with students can be found here.