Royal Warrior Battalion Upcoming Training Events

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Fall Semester 2014 - Battalion Training

21-22 AUG  Operation Kickoff:  MS IV Staff and Command Group

12-13 SEP   MS IV Staff Ride To Gettysburg National Battlefield:  MS IVs and Cadre

10-12 OCT  30th Annual Army Ten Miler – Washington, D.C.:  Select Cadets and Cadre

10-12 OCT  2nd ROTC Brigade Ranger Challenge Competition – Fort Dix, NJ:  Select Cadets and Cadre

27 OCT   Super Lab(tactical lanes) – Kirby Park:  All Cadets and Cadre  

29 OCT  Leadership Forum – University of Scranton:  All Cadets and Cadre

07-09 NOV  Battalion Field Training Exercise – Fort Indiantown Gap:  All Cadets and Cadre