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Military Science


U.S. Army Reserve Officer Training Corps

The Royal Warrior Battalion is comprised of Cadets from ten colleges and universities located throughout Northeastern Pennsylvania. The Royal Warrior Battalion has a distinguished history producing officers who have served the Army and the Nation at every rank from Second Lieutenant thru Lieutenant General. Many of our graduates and commissionees have gone on to enjoy success following their military service in politics, business, education and other endeavors.

The Cadets of the Royal Warrior Battalion are some of the finest scholars, athletes and student leaders our ten campuses have to offer. Each year our Military Science III Cadets meet or exceed US Army Cadet Command standards at the mentally and physically demanding Leaders Development and Assessment Course held at Fort Lewis, Washington. Additionally, a number of our Cadets are selected to participate in Cadet Professional Development Programs such as Airborne School, Air Assault School, Mountain and Northern Warfare Schools, Cadet Cultural and Language Program, and Cadet Troop Leader Training.

The Royal Warrior Battalion is one of forty-one schools assigned to the US Army Cadet Command's Second "Freedom" ROTC Brigade.

Are you ready to become a part of the Royal Warrior Battalion family?

Who Enrolls In Military Science Courses

•Students from over 30 different degree programs (Graduate & Undergraduate)
•Varsity Athletes (Soccer, LaCrosse, Basketball, Swimming)
•Students looking to develop Leadership skills
•Students looking to be part of a Team
•Students who want to serve their Nation
•Young Men and Women looking to be mentally and physically challenged