Art and Music History Program

The Art and Music program offers three minors: Art History, Studio Art and Music History.

Each discipline aims to develop a student’s creative expression, to prompt aesthetic appreciation and judgment, to develop critical thinking, and to deepen understanding of the impulse to create with sound and image. Designated courses in Art History and Music History satisfy General Education requirements in the following areas: Humanities, Cultural Diversity, and Writing-Intensive.

Minor in Art History

A minor in Art History requires 18 credits, including ARTH 111 and 112. Four additional courses in Art History are required. Internships at the Everhart Museum are available to Art History minors upon completing 12 credits in Art History.

Students with minors in Art History have recently enrolled in graduate degree programs in art history, decorative arts, library science and museum education. Others have accepted employment with the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Sotheby’s New York and Franklin Institute. Students with music literature minors have pursued careers in recording, musical composition and performance. Studio artists have continued their studies at the Moore College of Art, Maryland Institute of Art, and the Art Students’ League, NYC.

Minor in Music History

A minor in Music History requires 18 credits, including MUS 111, 112, 235, 236, and two additional music courses numbered 110 or above.