Dr. Adam Pratt

308d St. Thomas Hall

Headshot of Dr. Adam Pratt.

Dr. Pratt joined the History Department at The University of Scranton in 2013. He is currently an associate professor. He teaches courses in 19th century U.S. history including Hist 313: The Age of Andrew Jackson and Hist 314: The Civil War & Reconstruction, Hist 260: Native American history, and various courses in historical research methods. He received his PhD in History from Louisiana State University in 2012 and his undergraduate degree from Clemson University in 2004. His first book, Toward Cherokee Removal: Land, Violence, and the White Man's Chance, was published in 2020 by the University of Georgia Press. The book examines the various ways that the state of Georgia sought to expedite the expulsion of the Cherokees from land claimed by the state, and the violent methods employed by state and private actors alike to coerce Cherokees into relenting hold of their homeland. The book won the Excellence for Research Using Holdings of Archives by the Georgia Historical Records Advisory Council. His current research interests are the various ways that a diverse group of Americans participated in and protested against the militia system. He has a forthcoming article about the Wide Awakes and their political consequences in Pennsylvania.

In 2023, Dr. Pratt was awarded the Provost’s Enhancement Award for Integrating Mission and Justice into the Curriculum Award. Along with several colleagues at the University, he helped form the Humanities Initiative as a way of deepening undergraduate engagement with the humanities on campus. He has advised students pursuing original research through both the President’s Fellowship for Summer Research and the Slattery Center for the Ignatian Humanities. His students, who are generally much more talented than he, have been admitted to Cornell Law School, Georgetown Law, and graduate school at the University of Georgia and Boston College.