Dr. Madeline Gangnes


Assistant Professor of English
Co-Moderator, Mu Omicron Chapter of Sigma Tau Delta, The English Honor Society


Ph.D. English, The University of Florida
M. Litt., Comics Studies, University of Dundee
B.A., English, University of Puget Sound




Dr. Madeline B. Gangnes conducts research and teaches at the intersections of nineteenth-century British literature and culture, visual studies, digital humanities, and book history. She is particularly interested in the imagetextuality of Victorian periodicals, especially illustrated serialized fiction. Madeline is the Assistant Editor of Studies in Comics  and the editor of SequentialsHer scholarship appears in journals and collected volumes, including the Victorian Periodicals Review, the Journal of Graphic Novels and Comic, INKS: The Journal of the Comics Studies Society, Studies in Comics, and Art and Science in Word and Image: Exploration and Discovery (Brill, 2019). She is currently working on a multimodal research project that approaches the visual culture of Victorian fiction using digital humanities tools and methods. More information about her research and projects is available at mbgangnes.com.


Dr. Gangnes currently teaches the following courses:

ENLT 120 Intro. to Fiction

3 cr. (CL)

An exploration of the nature of prose fiction, its elements and techniques. The emphasis is critical rather than historical. The range of works and the specific selections may vary with the individual instructor.

ENLT 124 Literature & The Environment

3 cr. (CL, D)

an introductory study of how literature conveys the relationship between humans and the environment. Topics studied may include the definitions of nature and the environment; sense of place; literature of the Anthropocene; post-humanism and animal studies; and environmental disasters and stories of renewal.

ENLT 226 Novels by Women

3 cr. (CL, D)

A study of novels by and about women. The aim is to expand students' understanding of women's experiences as expressed by women writers.

ENLT 127 Myth of the Hero

3cr. (CL)

Mythic materials are examined to discover the underlying heroic archetypal patterns. Then modern literature is examined in the light of the same mythic patterns.

ENLT 138X An American Year

3 cr. (C:. FYS)

this class looks at literature alongside the historical events that shaped it. Each iteration of the class focuses on a single year - for instance 1962, 1928, or 1984 - and discusses a range of novels alongside, potentially, short stories, poetry, drama, and films in their contemporary context.

ENLT 140 English Inquiry

3 cr. (CL)

An exploration of fiction, poetry, and drama. The approach is inductive; the aims are a greater understanding of literature, and an introduction to techniques of literary scholarship theory, and research.

ENLT 242 British Literature: Romantic and Victorian

3 cr. (Area B-2)

A study of the major literary works in 19th-century England: poetry, novels and non-fictional prose. The emphasis is threefold: critical analysis; literary history; social, intellectual and political background.

ENLT 270 Science Fiction and Utopian/Dystopian Literature

3 cr. (EPW, CL) (Prerequisites: Grade of "C" in their appropriate EP, Level I courses, and an ENLT 100-level course which may overlap with a FYS.)

A study of science fiction and utopian/dystopian literature that focuses on the literary devices and concepts highlighted in these texts. Both written and oral skills are to be focused on and enhanced in this course through the analyses of selected primary texts and secondary critical work.

ENLT 284 ST: Victorian Voices

3 cr.

Special Topics course. Topics chosen by instructor and can vary each academic year.

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