Primary Care Externship

The Wright Center Graduate Medical Education

Information on the Primary Care Externship

(formerly known as the Scranton-Temple Residency Program or STRP)

The University of Scranton/ The Wright Center Graduate Medical Education Primary Care Externship provides pre-medical students the opportunity to observe first hand primary care medicine in a variety of medical environments. Each student spends time with a physician in an office setting, caring for patients, with residents in internal medicine seeing patients in outpatient and inpatient settings at Regional Hospital of Scranton (formerly Mercy Hospital) and the Wright Center of Primary Care (formerly Scranton Temple Health Center), and the emergency room at Regional Hospital of Scranton (formerly Mercy Hospital). All of these facilities are in walking distance of the University campus.

Over the course of a semester, students rotate from one setting to another. To receive transcript recognition for participation in the program students are required to participate for at least 30 hours over the course of the semester, attend three medical conferences at the hospitals, and to keep a journal of their experience.

The program is open to approximately six students per semester. Only junior and senior students who are applying to medical school are eligible (sophomores can apply for the following summer and fall semesters). Acceptance into the program is competitive. Participants will be selected based on their academic performance and educational and career goals.

The program runs during the fall, Intersession, spring, and summer sessions.

Please note while the Intersession and summer sessions are preferable for many students since they have less other academic responsibilities the disadvantages of those times are that the experience goes by very quickly and there is more competition for those slots.

Questions about applications, requirements and transcript recognition should be directed to Dr. Robert Waldeck, LSC273

•    Applications can be obtained by emailing Dr. Waldeck.
•    All applications are accepted electronically via email only.
•    You need one letter of recommendation to be sent (preferably electronically) to Dr. Waldeck.
•    Deadline for application for Intersession and Spring semesters is November 1 and deadline for Summer and Fall semesters is April 1.