Research in the Biology Department

We firmly believe that research is a critical and integral part of the educational process. The faculty of the Biology Department is deeply committed to involving students in their research endeavors. Our goal is to transform our "students" into "scholars" who are deeply committed to the process of independent learning through inquiry.

Students work hand-in-hand with faculty collaborators. Students are also encouraged to attend and participate in local and national scientific meetings and conferences, allowing them to hone their scientific communication skills as well as network with other students and scientists from around the globe.

Gary Kwiecinski and Giuseppe Bongiorno

With one-on-one interaction with our faculty, our students gain an in-depth experience in the process of scientific inquiry, learn laboratory techniques, as well as share in the excitement of scientific discovery.

Faculty Research

The faculty are engaged in a variety of research efforts, ranging from molecular analysis of Arabidopsis genes, to nerve cell regeneration, to bird migration, to snail feeding, to bat biogeography. Funding for our faculty comes from both intramural and extramural sources. For more detailed descriptions of individual faculty research projects, please consult the faculty webpages.

Student Research - click on this link to read more


Students can volunteer in a research laboratory out of sheer interest and enthusiasm without getting any academic credit or transcript recognition. Students who wish to do so may make arrangements with faculty members.

The University's Office of Research Services is an invaluable resource and asset available to all university members. Their mission is to stimulate, develop, support and manage efforts to enhance research and scholarly pursuits of faculty, staff and students at the University of Scranton.