About Our Faculty


The Biology faculty at the University of Scranton maintain a strong commitment to teaching and research excellence, as well as firmly believe that students are active participants in the learning process. As a result of our philosophy and of our small class sizes, faculty get to know the students very well, and encourage students to be involved in every aspect of their research.

In addition, faculty are involved in all aspects of campus life: academics, scholarship, student affairs, and other extracurricular activities.

Dr. Robert Smith conducts research on the use and fitness consequences of using invasive exotic shrubs by migrating and breeding landbirds in Northeastern Pennsylvania. Dr. Smith consistently gets funding from outside agencies, as well as summer and intersession research awards from our University. He also has an excellent track record for involving students in every aspect of his research.
Faculty often serve as a resource to the community as well. For example, Dr. Gary Kwiecinski serves as an authority on bat biology for locals as well as for the scientific community.  Articles in the media on the mysterious decline of bats featured Dr. Kwiecinski's expert opinions.
He also served as one of the organizers for the 38th North American Symposium on Bat Research (NASBR) held in Scranton.
Dr. Michael Hardisky (left) was selected as the 2011 Teacher of the Year by members of the graduating class. This award is selected by a vote from all graduating seniors; considering that Biology faculty only teach a small subset of these students, this award is truly a special one, and a testimony to Dr. Hardisky's quality as an instructor.
Four Biology faculty members have been awarded the Edwin Gannon Award for excellence in teaching. This award is bestowed by Alpha Sigma Nu, the Jesuit Honors Society. The four awardees were Dr. Kathleen Dwyer, Fr. Timothy Cadigan, Dr. George Gomez (right), and Dr. Michael Sulzinski.