A Campus-wide Plan for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

The Faculty and Staff Experience

Employee Hiring, Training and Departure

  • Recruit and hire for diversity and inclusion in all aspects and areas of the University, expanding the existing faculty cluster hiring process and exploring new staff recruitment strategies.
  • Engage with the local Scranton community to expand awareness and access to off-campus community resources for newly hired faculty and staff.
  • Evaluate current new staff/administrator orientation and onboarding processes, and current suite of faculty and staff training, to ensure adequate resources are available. Develop and implement strategies to monitor new employee connections to campus early and often during their first year.
  • Expand anti-racism and other training for faculty and staff though both University-developed and external opportunities, addressing training gaps that emerge through needs assessments and other analyses. Determine appropriate methods to address non-compliance with employee training requirements.
  • Increase and encourage employee participation in diversity, equity and inclusion activities, both on campus and through external professional development, experiences, conferences, and workshops, including more widespread participation in the AJCU Anti-Racism Examen across campus units.
  • Evaluate the current employee exit interview process to assure it is comprehensive and completed in a systemic and equitable manner.
See Employee Hiring, Training and Departure Progress Report

Programming and Support

  • Ensure that School/College, Departmental, and Divisional planning, assessment, and reporting practices concretely address diversity and inclusion, and provide guidance and tools to support these areas of work.
  • Expand mentorship programs for faculty and staff from diverse backgrounds to connect with other campus leaders and peers to support their welcome and experience in University life.
  • Encourage and provide self-assessment resources for employees to help determine readiness, strengths and opportunities for their own growth, and their ability to support diverse student needs, including through the work of Human Resources and The Jesuit Center.
See Programming and Support Progress Report
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