A Campus-wide Plan for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

The Academic Experience


  • Through Faculty Senate leadership, review strategies and cycles for the learning assessment of courses that currently have the cultural diversity (D) designation, and the curricular criteria for their determination and the renewal of that determination over time, as part of the current general education curricular and assessment processes.
  • Develop new courses and curricula that address diversity, equity and inclusion, and support faculty in revising current courses to incorporate diversity, equity and inclusion.
  • Support the creation and launch of the new Black Studies concentration.
  • Increase Community Based Learning and Community Based Research opportunities across the curriculum, emphasizing those that engage students and faculty with those from diverse and underserved populations, and create further opportunities for students, faculty and other members of the University community to be involved in local community growth.
  • Incorporate diversity, equity and inclusion programming in Passport and Tapestry programs for non-first year students.
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Faculty Support & Training

  • Develop an orientation model on diversity, equity and inclusion for new full- and part-time faculty and graduate teaching assistants, supporting both initial and sustained welcome into the University community.
  • Build workshop opportunities dedicated to incorporating/infusing diversity, equity and inclusion into existing courses, including General Education, and that promote inclusive content and pedagogy.
  • Expand offerings for diversity, equity and inclusion training for all faculty and academic support staff, including a workshop series for faculty and other instructors, such that they may better understand and support diverse students throughout academic life.
  • Further enhance Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence staff skills and support dedicated to diversity, equity and inclusion within faculty development programming.
  • Support, recognize and celebrate faculty contributions related to diversity and inclusion.
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Research Opportunities

  • Expand opportunities and increase funding, including through community-based Research opportunities and enhanced professional conference support, for student and faculty research that addresses diversity and inclusion.
  • Support and publicize faculty and student research projects and products that address diversity, equity and inclusion, including through on- and off-campus presentations and symposia.
  • Dedicate funding for reading/discussion groups that address diversity and inclusion, inside and outside of the classroom.
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