A Campus-wide Plan for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Institutional Commitment, Transparency, Coordination and Accountability

Leadership Commitment

  • Develop a statement of shared principles for diversity, equity and inclusion for all members of our University community. As part of planned review of University mission and institutional learning outcomes, consider how this commitment may be realized in these foundational statements.
  • Investigate internal resources, and consider examples from peer and aspirant institutions, to recommend a structure to oversee and coordinate the implementation of the Plan, and connect this work to that of others engaged in diversity and inclusion efforts throughout the University. 
  • Establish clear expectations for the support of campus diversity, equity and inclusion goals in all administrative and academic units, from the department level to the Board of Trustees, and prioritize sufficient and sustainable resources for this work.
  • Expand opportunities for worship, retreat, fellowship and mentorship, and service that emphasize and explore the role of diversity and inclusion in our Catholic, Jesuit mission for students, faculty, staff, and other members of the University community.
See Leadership Commitment Progress Report

Transparency, Assessment and Accountability

  • Incorporate a component for departmental, divisional and college leaders to reflect and share information about their area(s) contributions to diversity and inclusion efforts via the Annual Planning and Reporting process.
  • Prepare an annual state of diversity and inclusion/impact report to celebrate the depth and breadth of campus contributions, and to identify gaps in our work.
  • Create and promulgate an easily accessible diversity and inclusion data report that presents current and trend data for students, faculty, and staff.
  • Identify appropriate metrics, both qualitative and quantitative, to measure diversity and inclusion plan progress, and assure that these metrics and related benchmarks are regularly and transparently monitored and reported.
  • Ensure these performance indicators are synchronized across major planning areas, including the strategic plan, SEP, and diversity and inclusion plan, and are consistently defined and gathered through a collaborative data governance process.
  • Regularize a cycle of evaluation for campus diversity, inclusion, and climate perceptions, engagement, and competencies for students and employees, including through such means as campus climate and 360 assessments.
  • Review the number, charges, and status of campus committees engaged in diversity, equity and inclusion work, identifying potential synergies and connection points. Invite each committee to share an annual report on its activities to appropriate constituents and leadership.
See Transparency, Assessment and Accountability Progress Report

Coordination of Campus Efforts

  • Inventory existing electronic resources to identify areas of focus for diversity and inclusion information, and ensure that content related to diversity, equity and inclusion activity and policies is current.
  • Build a dedicated, searchable web location (page, app) for campus constituents to view and register for diversity and inclusion trainings and events.
  • Utilizing methods to raise awareness and increase participation in diversity and inclusion programs, services, and initiatives through increased marketing. Expand opportunities for feedback to these and other offerings through surveys, focus groups, and town hall events.
  • Utilizing information gathered through various reviews, reduce duplicative diversity and inclusion work to streamline programming and improve depth of education through collaboration.
See Coordination of Campus Efforts Progress Report
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