Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Strategic Plan

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dei-plan-graphic-round.jpgThe University of Scranton’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Strategic Plan, released April 2022, consists of six goals and sixty-six objectives. The President’s Cabinet and the Council for Diversity and Inclusion is responsible for coordinating and the implementation of the plan, including forming workgroups, assigning tasks to specific leaders, or aligning tasks with current active committees at the University. 

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Some of these objectives are inherently measurable; i.e., we are able to understand and demonstrate our progress or achievement by identifying whether we have completed an intended project or product, such as the creation of a new program, met an enrollment target, or successful launch of training activities.  To understand the impact of these outcomes, and to evaluate progress of other more nuanced objectives, we will rely on an integrated approach to assessment: 

  • Data: Student, employee and other community and constituent demographics, descriptive statistics, and analytics, including performance targets and metrics.
  • Experience: Review, development, and implementation or modification of existing and new opportunities for engagement.
  • Engagement: Evaluation of experiences and perceptions, whether self-reported or gathered via appropriate assessment strategies, such as point of service or other surveys.
  • Learning and Growth: Evaluation and analysis of the gains or gaps resulting from participation in curricular and curricular education and programs and other learning opportunities, including assessment of learning or other outcomes. Understanding to what extent students, employees, campus leaders, and others have gained knowledge, skills, abilities, or values via their experiences and engagement.  

If you have contributed to any of the goals or specific task of the plan, please share them with us by emailing elizabeth.garcia2@scranton.edu


Institutional Commitment, Transparency, Coordination, and Accountability

Student Recruitment, Enrollment and Retention

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