Getting Started: The Conversion Process

There are four steps to the conversion process.

Information and Planning Session

Once your department has been selected, you will be contacted by the Office of Public Relations to attend an information and planning session. You’ll walk away from this session with some “assignments”:
  • Developing the left-hand navigation for and architecture of your site
  • Thinking about and start collecting photos to be used as main images.
  • Identifying any special features you’d like, such as a news page, RSS feed, flyout windows from left-hand navigation, etc.
  • Identifying users for your department. Who will be contributors, approvers, publishers

Developing Templates and Folder Structure

When you have finished brainstorming on your assignments from step one, you’ll have a meeting with the workgroup at which we’ll confirm your requirements for the templates and the folder structure for your site. As a result of this meeting, Sarah Johnson, Web Developer/Designer, will set up your folder structure within the CMS and prepare any custom features for your site.


All users must attend training before they can begin working in the CMS. Group training sessions are offered by Vince Yanusauskas, Computer Training Coordinator/Library System Specialist.

Developing Content for Your Pages

Once you’ve been trained, you can begin working in the templates, adding text, photos and other features. As pages are complete and approved through the workflow process, they go live. Changes can be made in the future, as needed, by you through the same process.