Workshop on Sustainability

The University is committed to the infusion of the issues of sustainability across the curriculum. Our vision is to inculcate sustainability into existing and new courses throughout all the disciplines from theology, to business, to philosophy, to the natural sciences, to sociology, to political science, to history, to health, to education, to ......... The year 2015 represents the 11th year of this program which has involved over 90 faculty participants thus far. Details about the workshop can be obtained from Michael Cann (michael.cann@scranton.edu) and Jessica Nolan (jessica.nolan@scranton.edu).

Activities of the workshop and follow-up activities require participants to:

1.    Prior to the workshop, read suggested materials (approximately 8 readings of about 15 minutes each, spread over a two week period)
2.    Participate in the first 2-days of the workshop
Thursday, May 28, 2015, 12:00pm-5:00pm (lunch, presentations by ’14-’15 participants, cocktails)
Friday, May 29, 2015, 8:30am-4:30pm (discussion of sustainability, examples of how sustainability can be incorporated into particular courses, open discussion among the participants)
3.    Prepare a syllabus and give a 10-minute presentation on how/where sustainability will be incorporated into a course
Friday, June 12, 2015, 8:30am-3:00pm
4.    Report (one page written and 10 minute oral) back to the group on the successes and failures of your endeavors on Thursday May 26, 2016 (the Thursday prior to Commencement).

Presentations 2005-2013


Name Project or Course Title
George Aulisio, MS, MLA - Library Weinberg Library Green Team
Galen L. Baril, Ph.D. - Psychology Psych 330: Research Methods in he Behavioral Sciences
John Beidler, Ph.D. - Computing Science CIL 102: Computer and Information Literacy
J. Brian Benestad, Ph.D. - Theology T/RS 543 and 484: Catholic Social Thought
Alan Brumagim, Ph.D. - Management/Marketing MGT 351: Management Principles
Michael Cann, Ph.D. - Chemistry

CHEM 100: Elements of Chemistry

CHEM 232-233: Organic Chemistry

Len Champney, Ph.D. - Political Science Environmental Lawas and Regulations
Patrick M. Clark, Ph.D. - Theology T/RS 232: Catholic Social Thought
Will Cohen, Ph.D. - Theology

T/RS 331Z: God and the Earth

T/RS 121: Introcution to the Bible

Joseph Connolly, Ph.D. - Physics/EE PHYS 102: Earth Science

John R. Conway, Ph.D. - Biology

Biology 195: Tropical Biology

Carol A. Cote, Ph.D. - Occupational Therapy

OT 393: Research Methods in Occupational Therapy
Barbara Cozza, Ph.D. - Education EDUC 348: Integrated Methods: Mathematics and Science Elementary Teaching
Jennifer Cutsforth, Ph.D. - Education EDUC 314: Specific Subject Methods: Citizenship Education
Kim Daniloski, Ph.D. - Managment/Marketing MKT 351: Introduction to Marketing
David Dzurec, Ph.D. - History An Environmental History of the United States
Marian Farrell, Ph.D. - Nursing NURS 111: Women's Health

Tara Fay, MS - Biology

Biology 110: Structure and Function I
Biology 111: Structure and Function II

Debra Fetherman, Ph.D. - Exercise Science and Sport

EXSC 230: Health Promotion/Disease Prevention and Health Disparities

EXSC 413: Worksite Health Promotion

Anthony Ferzola, Ph.D. - Math Math 114
David Friedrichs, MA - Sociology/CJ SOC 110: Introduction to Sociology
Irene Goll, Ph.D. Management/Marketing MGT 455: Business Policy and Planning
George Gomez, Ph.D. - Biology BIOL 351/351L: Developmental Biology Laboratory
Patricia Gross, Ed.D. - Education EDUC 340: Reading in the Secondary Schools
Joan A. Grossman, Ph.D. - Exercise Science and Sport NUTR 110: Introducation to Nutrition
Crina Gschwandtner, Ph.D. - Philosophy

PHIL 210: Ethics

PHIL 213: Environmental Ethics

Daniel Haggerty, Ph.D. - Philosophy PHIL 210: Ethics
Jean Harris, Ph.D. - Political Science PS 131: American National Government
Mary Beth Holmes, Ph.D. - Communication COMM 222: Television Production
Mary Justis, MS - Exercise Science and Sport CHED 210: Introduction to Community Health Education
Mary Justis, MS - Exercise Science and Sport CHED 310: Health Education: Theory, Research and Practice
Mary Justis, MS - Exercise Science and Sport CHED320: Planning, Implementing & Evaluating Health Education Programs
Christie Karpiak, Ph.D. - Psychology PSYC 330L: Research Methods Lab
Jan Kelly, Ph.D. - Communication COMM 415: Senior Seminar
Joseoph Kraus, Ph.D. - English WRTG 214: Creative Nonfiction
Gary Kwiecinski, Ph.D. - Biology BIOL 255: Animal Nutrition and Metabolism
Barry Kuhle, Ph.D. - Psychology PSYC 233: Evolutionary Psychology
Richard Larsen, MFA - English

THTR 213: Design for Theater

THTR 110: Introduction to Theater

THTR 112: Introduction to Technical Theater

Linda Ledford-Miller, Ph.D. - Foreign Languages SPAN 484: Contemporary Central American Prose
Bonnie Markowski, MA - English WRTG 105-106-107
Tata Mbugua, Ph.D. - Education EDUC 349: Integrated Methods: Elementary Language, Arts, Social Studies
Michelle McHugh, MLA - Library Weinberg Library Green Team
Sharon Meagher, Ph.D. - Philosophy

PHIL 218: Feminism: Theory and Practice

PHIL 314: Philosophy and the City

Kathryn Meier, Ph.D. - History

HIST 313: The Age of Jackson

HIST 111; American History from1877 to the Present

HIST110: American History to 1877

Susan Mendez, Ph.D. - English WRTG 107
Matthew H. Meyer, Ph.D. - Philosophy

PHIL 120: First Year Seminar: Preparing for Democratic Citizenship

PHIL 210: Introduction to Ethics

Marlene J. Morgan, Ed.D., OTR/L Occupational Therapy 240 – Activity Analysis I
Declan Mulhall, Ph.D. - Physics/EE PHYS 141: Elements of Physics
Kevin Nordberg, Ph.D. - Philosophy PHIL 214: Computers and Ethics
Ann Pang-White, Ph.D. - Philosophy PHIL 419J: Philosophy of East and West
Robert Parsons, Ph.D. - Foreign Languages SPAN 319: Espanol Comercial
Charles Pinches, Ph.D. - Theology/Religious Studies T/RS 121: Introduction to the Bible: Sacred Story & Meaning
Charles Pinches, Ph.D. - Theology/Religious Studies T/RS 122: Introduction to Christian Theology
Charles PInches, Ph.D. - Theology/Religious Studies T/RS 295: Christianity in Africa
Meghan Rich, Ph.D. - Sociology/CJ SOC 220: Social Stratification
Abhijit Roy, Ph.D. - Management/Marketing MKT 484: Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Rose Sebastianelli, Ph.D. - Operations and Information Management STAT 252: Statistics for Business II
Robert J. Smith, Ph.D. - Biology BIOL 371: Ecology
Maria Squire, Ph.D. - Biology BIOL 245: General Biology
Ileana Syzmanski, Ph.D. - Philosophy PHIL 120: Ethics
Len Tischler, Ph.D. - Management/Marketing MGT 351: Principles of Management
Jennifer Tripp, Ph.D.- Chemistry CHEM 232L: Organic Chemistry Laboratory
Nicholas Truncale, MS - Physics & Electrical Engineering PHYS 115: It's Only Rocket Science
Maria Virbitsky, MS - Operations 7 Information Management OIM 352: Introduction to Operations Management
Janice Voltzow, Ph.D. - Biology BIOL 204: Environmental Issues in Latin America
Robert Waldeck, Ph.D. - Biology BIOL 141: General Biology
Jill A. Warker, Ph.D. - Psychology PSYCH 330L: Research Method in Behavioral Sciences Laboratory
Kathleen Wasserman, Ph.D. - Education

EDUC 241/ERDG 501: Foundations of Reading Instruction

Gloria Wenze, Ph.D. - Education EDUC 356: Integrated Methods in Early Childhood Education: Language Arts, Social Studies, Expressive Arts
Daniel West, Ph.D. - HA/HR HAD 581: Administrative Residency
Kristen Yarmey-Tylutki - Library Sustainability as a Concept in Three Major Areas as a Librarian
Margaret Zalon, Ph.D. - Nursing NURS 241: Perspectives in Professional Nursing