Off-Campus Behavior Policy

The University of Scranton is an integral part of the historic Hill neighborhood and the City of Scranton, and students are members of both the University community and the local community. Respect and concern for the dignity, well-being and property of members of the local community is essential. All University students obligated to exhibit exemplary citizenship at all times. The Office of Off-Campus and Commuter Student Affairs serves as a University resource for students who have questions regarding their rights and responsibilities in the local community. Excessive or unreasonable noise and/or trash, littering, possession, use and/or sale or distribution of alcohol or drugs in a manner that violates the law or University policy, excessively large parties, and/or disrespect for neighbor and community are incongruent with students' obligations. The University's jurisdiction in disciplinary matters extends to any conduct that adversely affects the University community, the University's reputation and/or the pursuit of its mission and objectives regardless of where it occurs. Accordingly, the University reserves the right to refer students involved in the aforementioned behaviors, as well as other disruptive behaviors, to the Office of Student Conduct for disciplinary action.