Michael C. Baumhardt, M.A.

Name: Michael Baumhardt, M.A.

Position: Assistant Director, Center for Student Engagement July 2011-Present

Office location: TDC 205 (Student Forum)

Educational background: BBA, Human Resource Management, The University of Wisconsin - Whitewater 2008; MA, College Student Personnel , Bowling Green State University 2010

Previous student affairs background: Assistant Director, Student Activities & Orientation at The University of Scranton June 2010-July 2011; Graduate Assistant for Campus Activities at Bowling Green State University August 2008-May2010; Assistant Director, Student Activities and Orientation at The University of Scranton, June 2010-present

Current responsibilities: University of Scranton Programming Board, New Student and Transfer Orientation, Programming, and Leadership Development Programs, University Conduct Officer

Why did you choose a career in student affairs?  I chose a career in Student Affairs because I want to be able to have an impact on someone's life.  I would not be as happy working in the corporate world where much of it comes down to numbers.  I was very fortunate to have chosen this career field by my sophomore year in college and had tremendous support that has allowed me to succeed thus far in my career.

What do you enjoy most about working in student affairs? I love my job because of the profound and direct impact I can have on a student's life.  I enjoy being engaged with my students and having a strong relationship with the students I advise and supervise.  I love being there for my students as they learn, develop, and grow.

What advice would you give to a student considering a career in student affairs? Don't be afraid to let your advisors and supervisors know that you are interested!  Part of my passion in this field is to develop the next generation of student affairs professionals.  I was fortunate to attend many conferences from my sophomore to senior year of college, in addition to having the support of strong mentors in the field.  I want my students to have the same opportunity to have this stable foundation and be prepared to enter graduate school and prepare for a successful career.