RHA Officers

RHA Officers

President - Julia Chaplin

The President shall facilitate all General Assembly and Executive Board
meetings. The President shall draw up an agenda for all General Assembly
and Executive Board meetings. The President shall act as official R.H.A.
representative within the University community

Vice President -  Nicole Ward

Vice President/Fundraising-Care Packages Coordinator
The Vice President shall aid the President in his or her duties. The
Vice President shall act as President Pro Tempore should the President
be temporarily unable to fulfill his or her duties. The Vice President
shall coordinate committee chairs. The Vice President shall organize
fundraising efforts related to the Care Package program that occurs in
August, December, May, and on Halloween Valentine’s Day.

Treasurer - Lauren McGee

The Treasurer shall be responsible for keeping track of all R.H.A.
accounts, their expenditures and balances. The Treasurer shall be
responsible for coordinating the financial workings of R.H.A., such as
purchase orders, incoming funds, and budget requests. The Treasurer
shall safeguard the financial stability of R.H.A.

Secretary - Kaitlyn Kuntzman

The Secretary shall be responsible for distributing proposals, minutes,
and agendas at the General Assembly meetings. The secretary shall
maintain a membership database

National Communications Coordinator (NCC) - Mike Briskey

*National Communications Coordinator (NCC)*
The NCC shall serve as a liaison between NACURH and CAACURH. The NCC
shall serve as the University of Scranton delegation chairperson at all
meetings, conferences, and elections of NACURH and CAACURH. The NCC
shall coordinate all the aspects of assembling a delegation to attend a
conference or business meeting of NACURH and CAACURH. The NCC shall
ensure that R.H.A. meets all membership and voting requirements for
NACURH and CAACURH. These requirements may include but are not limited
to; a National Information Center Report, annual reports to our
affiliates, regular newsletters to other NCCs, and policy questions or
surveys from the offices of our affiliates. All duties of the NCC are
outlined in the Handbooks and literature of our affiliates. All of these
duties shall be fulfilled by the NCC in a manner consistent with the
specific requirements in said literature. The NCC shall coordinate bids
for NACURCH and CAACURH’s awards.

Additional Positions:

The Executive board shall appoint a Social chairperson and a Public
Relations chairperson

Social Chairperson- Geralyn Cross

The Social Chairperson shall organize all social events to encourage
participation in R.H.A., including programs such as Speed Dating, Luau
and Field Day. The Social Chair shall assist the Executives in the daily
running of R.H.A.

Public Relations Chairperson- Joe Giannetta

The Public Relations Chairperson shall be responsible for all
correspondence, official publications, and publicity of R.H.A. with the
exception of the duties of the NCC, that are required by our affiliates.
The Public Relations chair shall recruit members to assist in the promotion of programs and activities.