Cura Personalis Program


Faith, Service & Justice


The Cura Personalis Program gives freshman an opportunity to live in a residence hall community where care of the whole person and development of an Ignation identity are encouraged.  The program’s core stands upon the pillars of faith, service, peace and justice, sharing in the Jesuit mission of being “men and women for others.”  For individuals who possess openness to personal growth, Cura Personalis creates an environment that fosters companionship, personal authenticity and leadership strengthening. The CP community promotes global consciousness, social justice, faith formation, and a heart which acts in service through interactive programming initiatives in collaboration with University Ministries and the Community Outreach Office. This unique opportunity allows students to add a focus to their first year on campus with the richness of the University’s Ignatian heritage, growing socially, spiritually and intellectually.


  • To establish an environment where students can live out their faith in the service of others and promotion of social justice 
  • To create a collaborative link between the Student Affairs division and University Ministries in order to strengthen our University’s Mission 
  • To build a strong sense of community within our University family 
  • To educate students in Ignatian ideals and way of life through interactive, out-of-the-classroom, educational opportunities 
  • To create a community which works for justice locally, domestically and globally 
  • To provide opportunities for reflection and sharing within a communal environment 
  • To develop leadership skills in participants by providing opportunities for leadership development and personal growth


University of Scranton Seal

The CP program embraces all faiths while challenging participants to deepen their own beliefs and to develop a set of moral values through activities like meditations, reflections, service, and a retreat. Different aspects include bread baking ministry for weekly Masses and attending University liturgies and hosted speakers at campus presentations. While retreats are offered for all students through University Ministries, an additional CP Retreat is held in late spring to reflect on all three pillars of the program and how to incorporate the ideas of Cura Personalis and being women and men for others into our everyday lives. 


Part of The University of Scranton is empowering students to become educated about the world around them by acting upon the need present in the Scranton community. The Cura Personalis program supports this ideal, organizing events that force members to reach out and touch the lives of others, helping themselves in the process. Throughout the year students are encouraged to take part in a variety of service events such as the Journey for the Disabled, Thanksgiving Food Drive, and holiday celebrations for children in the local community. Cura Personalis works hand in hand with the Community Outreach Office, which promotes involvement in local agencies assisting all types of populations in need.


Whether protesting in Georgia for human rights, traveling to our nation’s capitol for the annual March for Life, or embarking to New Orleans to confront social need first hand, members of CP rise to the challenge of addressing global, national, and local injustices. Watching documentaries, sending letters to state officials, attending lectures on pressing issues, sleeping outside on the DeNaples Center Patio for homeless awareness, and attending night vigils for peace are just a few of the ways Cura Personalis attempts to live out the Jesuit objective of creating a just world. We believe in a world of solidarity, where every human life is valued and should be cherished. Along with the University’s mission of sustainability, we strive to live simply so that others can simply live.