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United Colors Organization

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The United Colors Organization (UCO) is a student organization dedicated to promoting the importance of diversity on campus.  UCO welcomes all students to join with open arms. Gender, race, sexual orientation, religion, and ethnicity have no impact on membership.

United Colors Organization seeks to:

•    Sustain a support system both socially and academically for University of Scranton students.
•    Promote diversity and the idea of multiculturalism on The University of Scranton’s campus as well as in the community.
•    Work with local organizations as well as other clubs on campus in order to achieve these goals.
•    Make available to students literature and cultural activities which pertains to elements of ethnicity.
•    Work with the admissions office to aid in the recruitment of minorities to the University.

Every year, the United Colors Organization hosts its annual Festival of Nations, a celebration of international customs and artifacts (food, dance, music, history, etc.) designed to showcase and celebrate the diverse cultures represented on campus and in the wider community.  

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