Alcohol Action Advisory Committee


The Alcohol Action Advisory Committee (AAAC) was established in August 2009 with a mixed focus on prevention and intervention. Specifically, the goals of AAAC are to gather information on alcohol related issues at the University, explore factors within the campus community that contribute to high-risk alcohol use, and work to reduce high-risk alcohol use through partnerships with others in the University and local community.



Committee Members

The Alcohol Action Advisory Committee is chaired by Stephanie Adamec Director of The Center for Health Education and Wellness. For more information on AAAC, please contact Stephanie Adamec at (570) 941-4253.

  • Stephanie Adamec - Director of The Center for Health Education and Wellness
  • Investigator Kevin Rude-University Police
  • Sherry Dougherty, MSW - University Counseling Center
  • Barbara King - Director of Residence Life
  • David Schweitzer-Assistant Director of Student Conduct
  • Mia Collarini-Athletics
  • Bobby Hermes-Recreational Sports

2013-2014 Focus Areas

At the outset of each academic year, AAAC sets areas of focus for the upcoming year. For the 2013-2014 academic year, the focus areas are as follows:

  • Institutional Partnerships: Purpose is to outreach to faculty, staff, and administrators on issues related to alcohol and prevention efforts at the University. Goals may include, but are not limited to, offering information sessions to the campus community and creating curriculum infusion opportunities and resources. This year, efforts are again being directed primarily toward curriculum infusion funded by a Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board (PLCB) grant.
  • Student Education: Purpose is to work with various student groups to offer alcohol education and programming. In 2012-2013, this group devised a "Choose Your Own Adventure" program that was implemented with first-year residential students. This year, with students serving on a subcommittee, this group looks to expand their work.
  • Social Host: This committee works with the local community and off-campus population to collaborate on alcohol prevention efforts. They reach out to individuals including, but not limited to, Scranton Police Department, University Police, University administrators, and the magistrate to discuss University goals and how these constituencies may support each other in addressing a community issue particularly as it relates to social hosting. Currently, the committee is working on unveiling a Social Host Workshop that was created and piloted in the 2012-2013 academic year.
  • Marketing and Communication: This committee is tasked with developing and promoting a marketing campaign designed to showcase the mission and goals of the Alcohol Action Advisory Committee as well as the accomplishments of the group thus far. This committee is responsible for website maintenance.