wellness gifts

Activity and Fitness

Earn points towards the wellness participation pillar. Track the date, type of activity and duration. 20 hrs of activity equals 10 points. Count on and off campus activity.  Use any tracker and attach to the pillar certification form located under "forms".

Fitness Challenge

Fitness Challenge - Feb. 10 - Mar. 8, 2014

— A four week team wellness program to promote healthy lifestyles for staff, faculty and students.  Teams of 3-5 members can earn points through physical activity, nutrition & POWER points. Prizes awarded to the top teams at the conclusion of the challenge. Staff and Faculty earn 80 wellness participation points. Register at scranton.edu/chew.  If you do not have a team we will put you on one.  All fitness levels welcome.


Light weights

Light Weights & Abs

— A beginner/intermediate workout using 2lb., 3lb. or more weights to build, tone and maintain muscle strength.  The aerobic activity will make you sweat.  Wear comfortable clothes and sneakers. Fill out a fitness questionnaire prior to class and hand in to instructor at your first class.