Internship Resources

The University’s commitment to internships as an integral part of the educational process is strong. Internships gives students opportunity to reflect upon, analyze and critique their experiences in ways that demonstrate their ability to integrate what they have learned in the classroom with what they are learning in the field.

Credit-bearing internships are available to students in many majors. For specific information on such internships, students should contact their academic advisors. These internships require students to be supervised by a faculty member and an on-site supervisor and that they develop a set of clearly defined objectives, internship responsibilities and an assessment plan.

Non–credit-bearing internships are also available. They are less structured and do not necessarily relate to specific course work. 

In either case, students seeking assistance in the search and application process should  contact Career Services at (570) 941-7640 to schedule an appointment with a counselor to secure the services they need to succeed.

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Finding your  Internship

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