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University of Scranton Reservation Handbook - Alphabetic Listing of Facilities

Non-Instructional Facilites
Reservation Handbook


 Meeting Room 400
Alumni Memorial Green
Alumni Memorial Hall
 Meeting Room 023
Brennan Hall, Joseph M. McShane, S.J. Executive Center
 Casey Conference Room 502  PNC Bank Board Room 500
 Casey Room 502 Diagram  PNC Bank Room 500 Diagram
 Lobby 516  The Rose Room 509
 Lobby 516 Diagram  Rose Room 509 Diagram
 Pearn Auditorium 228
 Pearn 228 Diagram
Byron Recreation Center
 Gallery  Multi-Purpose Courts  Pool
The Commons
The Commons: Royal Way
Condron Hall
 Meeting Room 102
 Meeting Room 102 Diagram
The DeNaples Center
 The Rev. Bernard R. McIlhenny
    Ballroom (407)
 Meeting Room 214
 Meeting Room 404
 Meeting Room 405
 Meeting Room 406
 Pre-function Area (400B)
 The Ann and Leo Moskovitz Theater (401)
 Dining Room (306)

DeNaples Center Diagrams
 McIlhenny Ballroom Empty
 Pre-Function Area
 Moskovitz Theater
 DeNaples 3rd Floor Dining
 Room 214 Conference A
 Room 214 Conference B
 Room 404
 Room 405 Buffet
 Room 405 Buffet Bar
 Room 405 Conference A
 Room 405 Conference B
 Room 405 Lecture
 Room 405 Reception
 Room 405 Served
 Rooms 405-406 Empty
 Room 406 Buffet
 Room 406 Conference A
 Room 406 Conference B
 Room 406 Lecture
 Room 406 Seminar
 Room 406 Served
 Room 407B-C Buffet
 Room 407B-C Buffet Bar
 Room 407B-C Served
 Room 407B-C Served Bar
 Room 407 Buffet
 Room 407 Buffet Dinner Dance
 Room 407C Buffet Bar
 Room 407 Lecture
 Room 407 Served
 Room 407 Served Dinner Dance
Dionne Green
 Dionne Green
 Dionne Green Diagram
Fitzpatrick Field
Founder's Green
Gannon Hall Patio
Hill House
Houlihan-McLean Center
 Houlihan McLean 1st and 2nd Floor Diagram
 Atrium  Aula
 Atrium Buffet-Bar Diagram  Aula Lower Diagram
 Atrium Empty Diagram  Aula Upper Diagram
 Atrium Lecture Diagram
 Atrium Served Diagram
John Long Center Courts Lobby
Leahy Hall  Jefferson Auditorium
Loyola Science Center
 Lecture Hall 133
 Lecture Hall 133 Diagram
McDade Center for Literary and Performing Arts
 Royal Theater  Studio Theater
O'Hara Hall
 Meeting Room 526
 Meeting Room 627
Redington Hall
 Collegiate Hall
 Collegiate Hall Dining Diagram
 Collegiate Hall Lecture Diagram
Retreat Center
 Retreat Center
 Directions to the Retreat Center
 Retreat Center Diagram
St. Thomas Hall
 Meeting Room 115
South Side Sports Complex

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