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Facilities Operations Department: Signage



Production and installation of room and office signs is the responsibility of the Facilities Operations. Requests for signs can be submitted by work order request. The standard format for all office signs includes the room number and name of person occupying the space. Due to limitations and our effort to standardize room signs throughout the University, signs will meet certain size and color requirements. All room signs will include the appropriate ADA Braille designations.


The need to get information to the University community is recognized and general announcement bulletin boards and sign hanging strips have been provided in all facilities for this purpose. Posting of signs in unauthorized locations and on painted surfaces creates a maintenance and safety problem. Posting of signs on painted surfaces, lampposts, doors, windows, and other hard surfaces is prohibited unless approved by Student Affairs, Student Activities, Campus Ministries, Provost's Office, Academic Deans, Treasurer's Office, Registrar's Office, Career Services, Development, Admissions, or the Facilities Operations Department.

Academic departments with designated bulletin boards are responsible for all postings at those locations. The responsibility for posting approval is with the department chairperson.

Vendors, contractors, and others not affiliated with the University of Scranton are prohibited from posting brochures, signs, posters, and pamphlets, and other propaganda in all campus facilities unless approved by authorizing departments of the University.

University of Scranton student organizations and clubs must receive approval from the Office of Student Affairs or Student Activities before posting signs on general announcement bulletin boards and hanging strips. Unauthorized and outdated materials will be removed by Facilities Operations Department personnel from all surfaces, bulletin boards and hanging strips.

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