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Facilities Operations Department: Department Charge Back for Services



At times the Facilities Operations receives requests for services rendered to departments and University activities for which the Facilities Operations does not receive a budget allocation. When this occurs, the requesting department must provide a budget source for funding. Facilities Operations charges (labor and materials) to the Department include actual cost charges only. No profit or overhead charges are billed to departments. Examples of Department Charged Services include:

  1. Alterations to buildings or structures requested by and assigned to departments and activities.
  2. Requests for materials.
  3. Painting of offices, departmental spaces or of public spaces to change colors, or painting not warranted by the condition (fading or flaking) of existing paint.
  4. Repair work on special equipment in laboratories in research areas.
  5. Alteration, repair, or refinishing of office, library, laboratory, lounge, and kitchen furniture and equipment.
  6. Building of wood cabinets and computer work stations.
  7. Installation of shelves.
  8. Requests to re-upholster furniture, except in public spaces.
  9. Requests for additional keys.
  10. Requests for new lock installations.
  11. Replacing, re-keying, or additions to the present locking hardware on doors or desks because of lost keys, illegal entry, and the like.
  12. Removal of illegally installed construction or materials (i.e., rooms in corridors) by a department that violates National, Pennsylvania, or City of Scranton building codes.
  13. Repair of table lamps, fans, coffee pots, toasters, washing machines, dryers, supply cords, or other equipment purchased by the department.
  14. Removal of wiring or equipment installed by a department that violates building codes or safety regulations.
  15. Maintenance of specialized laboratory equipment, stills, and the like.
  16. Removal of plumbing or equipment installed by a department that violates building codes or safety regulations.
  17. Special events that cannot be covered by assigned custodians or maintenance personnel.
  18. Requests for staffing beyond normal working hours.
  19. Requests for special cleaning beyond normal working hours.

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