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Machine Configurations

Except for the 11 non-networked machines, the University’s MFPs are generally in the 25-33 print-per-minute range.  The determination of appropriate machine speed is usually based on the total volume of prints/copies projected to be made, a judgment made cooperatively based on the usage patterns of similar departments in the context of the other options and equipment available on campus, particularly at the Print Shop.

Most networked machines do double-sided prints, enlarge and reduce, collate and staple, and make a variety of finished sizes ranging from 8 ½” X 11” to 11” X 17”.

For network security reasons, all scans are sent to folders in Royal Drive, where they can be stored or retrieved.

Accounting for copy volumes varies from office to office.  Some departments have a single password and log for all copies and prints; other departments assign access codes to every individual who uses the machine.

Although the MFDs can be configured with a fax module, doing so costs more than it costs to acquire a standalone fax machine.  So,  machines are not normally equipped with a fax option.