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The Cost Per Copy/Print

The University operates its fleet of machines in a cost-per-copy program similar to that offered by most copier vendors, the difference being that the money that would normally flow to the vendor as profit is retained at the University to lower the cost of the services provided.  Machines are purchased with a seven-year warrantable service period, supplies are purchased in bulk, and the total costs are averaged across the total volume of copies and prints made.  Departments are relieved of the need to project machine lives and to develop capital budget requests, and are assured that the quality and cost of supplies are appropriate.

Since the creation of the central fleet program in 1996, the cost per copy/print has been $.04, which includes the capital investment in equipment and software, toner, maintenance, and a sheet of 20# white bond paper.  Staples, for those machines with the feature, are handled separately.