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Office Copying/Printing/Scanning

The University maintains a fleet of 84 convenience copiers, 73 of which are networked and serve as Multi-Functional Devices capable of copying, printing, and scanning.  All machines are acquired centrally by the Office of Printing Services, which also maintains and dispenses toner and other supplies, and which negotiates and coordinates all service agreements. 

The overall goal is to equip departments to print efficiently the copies and prints they deem necessary.  Wasteful printing and copying is discouraged in the maintenance of a chargeback system that withdraws from department budgets the total cost of making all copies and prints (scanning is free).  In receiving the reports, department managers have an additional tool to help determine whether printing at all is cost-justified, and whether the printing that is indeed needed gets done in the most cost effective way.

Large projects can be sent to the Print Shop electronically by attaching document files to an e-mail that contains all the information needed to complete and send a Printing Requisition to “Printing@Scranton.edu.”