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Care of Paper

Many service issues result from the characteristics of paper.  In the summer, paper that has been exposed to high humidity draws moisture from the air, making it become thicker and making it curl.  Both conditions can increase the number of jams.  In the winter, paper that has been exposed to extremely low humidity can become dry and brittle, causing it to flake dust that accumulates in the machine and cause jams.

Paper should be used as quickly as possible after it is removed from its moisture-resistant wrapper, or it should be returned to a moisture-resistant wrapper or other container until it will be used. 

During periods of heavy machine use, particularly when making two-sided copies and prints, the fuser elements can heat the paper enough to make it curl and cause jams.  Some departments have found relief by purchasing 24# paper, which is less prone to curl.  Departments who purchase heavier paper should report those volumes to Printing Services for credit against the paper charges included in the per-print rate.