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Standard (formerly Third Class Bulk) Mail

The University saves several hundred thousand dollars a year by using its Standard Mail privilege.  However, to retain its permit, the University must comply perfectly with a host of regulations that are far too complex for most casual users to remember and follow correctly.

Standard Mail is the U.S. Postal Service’s less expensive, slower alternative to making deliveries via First Class mail to addresses in the United States.  Because the mailer does the sorting, bundling, and bagging of the pieces and accepts a lower priority on delivery speed, the Post Office discounts the postage.  Mail that must be delivered quickly or consistently should be sent First Class.

The Mail Center Manager is responsible for all use of the Standard Mail permit at The University of Scranton.  All mailings prepared for Standard delivery are completed by qualified staff of the Mail Center or by vendors charged with providing service in a error-free manner that does not jeopardize the continued holding of the permit.  A total of five errors in any year by any user of the University’s permit would cause the loss of the permit to all University users.

Rates for Standard Mail vary by the size and weight of the piece being mailed and by the Zip Code destinations of the mailing.  Rates begin around $.12 per piece.  Standard Mailings must contain at least 200 pieces, and all pieces of a Standard Mailing must be identical in content and physical dimensions. 

Delivery speed of Standard Mail is uncertain, but some patterns are apparent.  In northeastern Pennsylvania, other than during the Thanksgiving to Christmas time period, Standard Mail is normally delivered in 3-5 days.  Outside the region, delivery times of 10 days are not unusual.  Postal regulations allow up to three weeks for delivery of Standard Mail.

For more information and assistance, call the Mail Center at Ext. 7492.