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Packages, Courier Mail Delivery

For Faculty and Staff

University mail and packages are delivered with the scheduled mail runs .

Packages and other items sent via Fed Ex or UPS are delivered by the courier to your building/department.  It is essential that your name, street address, building and room number are accurate to ensure proper delivery. 

Below is a listing of Campus Building addresses:

Building Name Address Line 1
Chapel of The Sacred Heart 820 Linden St.
The Quain Mem. Greenhouse 810 Linden St.
Rock Hall 415 Monroe Ave.
Alumni Memorial Hall Rear 815 Ridge Row
John J. Long, S.J., Center 1000 Linden St.
Loyola Hall 223 Monroe Ave.
John J. Joyce Maintenance Bldg. 1207 Ridge Row
O'Hara Hall 302 Jefferson Ave.
Scranton Hall 800 Linden St.
St. Thomas Hall 910 Linden St.
Leahy Activities Center 243 Jefferson Ave
Fitzpatrick Field 1 Laurel Line Drive
Hill House 308 Taylor Ave.
Weinberg Memorial Library 300 Monroe Ave.
William J. Byron, S.J., Recreation Center 1100 Linden St.
The Estate Rear 223 Monroe Ave.
Houlihan-McLean Center 342 Jefferson Ave.
Smurfit Arts Center 445 Madison Ave.
Hyland Hall 301 Jefferson Ave.
Ciszek Hall 1120 Mulberry St.
McDade Arts Center 313 Monroe Ave.
Wellness Center 1130 Mulberry St.
Parking Pavilion 820 Mulberry St.
Inst. of Mol. Bio. & Med. 815 Ridge Row
McGurrin Hall 235 Jefferson Ave.
Brennan Hall 320 Madison Ave.
Printing Services 315 Jefferson Ave.
AdLin Building 600 Linden St.
Loyola Science Center 204 Monroe Ave. (925 Ridge Row for freight)
Nevils Hall 1020 Mulberry St.
Condron Hall 1131 Linden St.
Leahy Hall 237 Jefferson Ave.
Liva House 1128 Vine St.
Mosque 306 Taylor Ave.
DeNaples Campus Center 900 Mulberry St.
Campion Hall Rear 225 Monroe Ave.