Tactical Planning

Tactical Planning History & Process

In 2004, responding to its maturing planning processes and institutional need, the University implemented a three-level Planning & Institutional Effectiveness Model. This model reflects the relationship of key levels of institutional planning and evaluation & assessment that take place at the University.

All three levels of planning - strategic, tactical, and operational - are guided by the University's mission and vision. At the strategic level, planning is institution-wide, and follows a five-year cycle.  The product of this level of planning is the University's strategic plan, which informs the tactical and operational planning levels.  Tactical planning provides our University's core functional areas a platform from which to identify the ways in which their departments will collectively support the implementation of the strategic plan, as well as coordinate the identification and achievement of other department/division-wide goals and evaluative activities. Tactical plans follow a three-year window of focus, and are updated each year to reflect changing institutional needs and continuously identify collaborative overlap between the University's administrative divisions. 

Operational planning takes place on an annual basis.  At this level, department heads formulate departmental goals and  evaluative activities, and identify budget and staffing needs for the next year.  These activities are all driven by the needs of the strategic plan and relevant tactical plans.  

Coordinating and linking all these activities takes place through a variety of means, including regular meetings of the Administrators Conference/Tactical Planners' Group, comprised of the leadership of all administrative divisions and chief officers, the work of the University Planning Committee, the Annual Report Process, and the efforts of the Office of Planning & Institutional Effectiveness, which regularly monitors the needs and outcomes of all planning levels. 

More information about these processes can be found in the University's Guide for Tactical Planners.

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