University Planning Committee

Charge: The University Planning Committee (UPC) is an advisory committee to the Vice President for Planning & Chief Information Officer. The UPC offers input to the University-wide institutional effectiveness and planning processes, in accordance with the University’s Planning & Institutional Effectiveness Model, including analysis and the formation of recommendations related to institutional evaluative and developmental processes.   The UPC assists in the preparation of the University’s five-year strategic plan, and monitors its implementation and progress. Given the strong connection between institutional accreditation activities and institutional planning, the UPC also serves as a consulting body on issues related to Middle States Accreditation.

2013-14 UPC Membership:

Chair:    Dr. Jerome DeSanto, VP Planning & CIO

Ms. Mary Kay Aston, Assistant VP Admissions & Enrollment

Mr. William Burke, Director of Financial Aid

Mr. Donald Castellucci, Student Senate

Dr. Brian Conniff, Dean, College of Arts and Sciences

Ms. Meg Cullen-Brown, Staff Senate. College of Graduate & Continuing Ed

Dr. John Deak, Faculty, College of Arts & Sciences

Mr. Jim Devers, Asst. VP Facilities Operations

Ms. Robyn Dickinson, Associate VP for Information Resources

Mr. Patrick Donohue, Assistant VP Budget & Financial Planning

Dr. Joseph Dreisbach, Associate Provost

Dr. Katie Iacocca, Faculty, Kania School of Management

Rev. Ryan Maher, Executive Director, The Jesuit Center

Dr. Michael Mensah, Dean, Kania School of Management

Dr. Rebecca Mikesell, Faculty Senate; Faculty, College of Arts & Sciences

Ms. Cheryl Murphy, Associate Vice President for Development

Ms. Lori Nidoh, Director of Marketing

Dr. Debra Pellegrino, Dean, PCPS

Ms. Lauren Rivera, Director of Student Conduct and Assessment

Ms. Valerie Taylor, Director of Institutional Research

Ms. Patti Tetreault, Assistant VP Human Resources

Dr. William Wallick, Faculty, PCPS

Ms. Kate Yerkes, Director of Planning & Institutional Effectiveness

Support Staff: Ms. Karyn Salistky, Assistant to the VP Planning/CIO