University Planning Committee

UPC Charge and Membership


The University Planning Committee serves as an advisory committee to the Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs. The UPC offers input to the University-wide institutional effectiveness and planning processes, in accordance with the University’s Planning & Institutional Effectiveness Model. The UPC is responsible for recommending annual planning objectives as part of the implementation of the University’s strategic plan; reviewing and summarizing annual progress of the strategic plan; and monitoring the progress of planning and institutional effectiveness activities at other levels that support the strategic plan. An Executive Committee of the UPC, appointed by the Provost, meets occassionally to coordinate the key initiatives of the UPC, and its connection with other campus planning groups. 

The UPC provides input to the University’s overall institutional effectiveness agenda. The UPC considers, endorses, and makes recommendations related to strategic, tactical, and other significant planning initiatives, and may establish ad hoc committees where needed to facilitate University planning.

For the course of the 2014-2015 academic year, the University Planning Committee served in a special capacity as the University’s Strategic Plan Steering Committee, coordinating the development of the University’s strategic plan for 2015-2020. 


Chair: Dr. Donald Boomgaarden, Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs

  • Dr. Patricia Harrington, Interim Associate Provost for Institutional Effectiveness
  • Dr. Michael Mensah, Dean, KSOM; Dean’s Group Representative
  • Ms. Kate Yerkes, Assistant Vice Provost for Planning & Institutional Effectiveness
  • Ms. Valerie Taylor, Director of Institutional Research
  • Ms. Meg Cullen-Brown, Associate Dean, CGCE
  • Dr. Joseph Dreisbach, Associate Provost for International Education
  • Mr. Edward Steinmetz, Senior Vice President for Finance and Administration
  • Dr. Anitra McShea, Vice Provost for Student Formation and Campus Life
  • Fr. Ryan Maher, Executive Director, Jesuit Center
  • Mr. Gerry Zaboski, Vice Provost for Enrollment Management & External Affairs  
  • Mr. Gary Olsen, Vice President for University Advancement
  • Ms. Patricia Tetreault, Associate Vice President for Human Resources
  • Ms. Robyn Dickinson, Associate Vice President for Information Resources & CIO
  • Mr. Joseph Wetherell, Staff Senate President
  • Dr. Douglas Boyle, Faculty Senate President; Faculty, KSOM
  • Mr. Aris Rotella, Student Senate President
 Faculty Representatives (Appointed through the Faculty Senate):
  • Dr. Josephine Dunn, Art History (CAS)
  • Dr. Linda Ledford-Miller, World Languages and Cultures (CAS)
  • Dr. Andreas Christopoulos, Economics and Finance (KSOM)
  • Dr. Paul Sung, Exercise Science (PCPS)
  • Dr. Dan West, Health Administration and Human Resources (PCPS)
  • Prof. Kristen Yarmey, Library

UPC Executive Committee:

  • Dr. Donald Boomgaarden, UPC Chair
  • Dr. Patricia Harrington, UPC Vice-Chair
  • Dr. Joseph Dreisbach (Chair, Global Subcommittee)
  • Dr. Anitra McShea (Chair, Engaged Subcommittee)
  • Dr. Michael Mensah (Chair, Integrated Subcommittee)
  • Ms. Kate Yerkes, AVP Planning & Institutional Effectiveness

UPC Subcommittees, 2014-2015

To facilitate the UPC's work in coordinating the strategic planning process, and to engage other members of the University community in this process, three subcommittees have been formed for spring 2015. These subcommittees mirror the strategic plan's three themes: engaged, integrated, and global.

Subcommittee Membership and Materials