ANGEL Learning Management System

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ANGEL Policies and Procedures

Course Creation

  • All courses are created automatically for the following semester after registration for that term is complete.


  • Students are enrolled in all courses and will have access to the courses 21 days before the start of the semester. Students have access to the course for two weeks after grades are due to Registrar.

Course Archives

  • Two weeks after finals are over; the ANGEL Administrator will archive the courses and save them to off-line storage. Instructors are also encouraged to do the same thing.
  • At this time, the course will be unavailable to the students, but the instructor will still have access to it.
  • Two years after the course is archived, it will be removed from the system.

Course Roll-overs

    • A tutorial is available for instructors and they are able to complete this process. If assistance is required, please contact the Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence.

Merging Course Rosters

  • If you are teaching multiple sections of the same course and would like one course created for them, you must fill out the Merge Course Roster Request Form. This cannot be done if content has already been added to a course.If a course is merged, it cannot be unmerged.

Community Groups

  • Community Groups are available for any non-CRN requested courses. The requestor of the group will be listed as the leader and will be responsible for enrolling and deleting all the members of the groups. Community Groups will be available for no more than ONE academic year, with an option to extend longer. If the group is not extended, it will be disabled by May 31 of that year.


  • There are three forms available to the users. All forms can be accessed within UIS. After logging into the portal ( select either Faculty or employee tab near the top of the page and enter UIS. Go the ANGEL Learning Systems Link and select the form you are looking for.
    • Merge Course Roster Request Form
    • ANGEL Community Group Request Form

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