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Configuring Office 365

The University of Scranton uses Microsoft's hosted Exchange solution, Office 365, for email, calendar and contact synchronization. Please consult the documentation specific to your device for instructions on configuring your device with Office 365.

Wireless authentication - please note

  • Broadband device users (typically smartphones) should confirm that WiFi is turned off prior to attempting to synchronize the device with Office 365.
  • Wireless device users (e.g., ebook readers, tablet devices) should authenticate on ROYALAIR prior to starting any synchronization activity.

Malware Protection for Smartphones and Tablets

Q. Do I need to install malware protection on my smartphone/tablet?
Yes, IT Services recommends that all Android, BlackBerry and Windows Mobile smartphone/tablet users download and install a malware protection program. As mobile devices gain popularity and market share, concern over mobile malware attacks and outbreaks continues to grow. The Android platform, in particular, invites attackers to develop malicious applications designed to take advantage of platform vulnerabilities.

Q. Do I need to install malware protection on my iPhone/iPad?
To date, a reliable anti-malware application has not been made available for the iPhone and iPad. Vulnerabilities to the iOS platform generally occur on devices that have been "jailbroken." Jailbreaking an iOS device is not recommended.

Q. Where can I get malware protection for my mobile device?
Android, BlackBerry and Windows Mobile smartphone/tablet users can download and install the free version of Lookout Mobile Security. Lookout Mobile Security provides security and privacy protection in the form of anti-malware protection, backup/restore options and find phone services. For more information, please refer to the Lookout Mobile Security website.

Q. Can I do anything else to protect my mobile device or the data stored on it?
Lookout Mobile Security provides a number of security and privacy protection options for Android, BlackBerry and Windows Mobile devices. Users of iOS devices can locate a lost device on a map, remotely lock or remotely wipe a device using the free Find My iPhone app. The Find My iPhone app works with Apple’s MobileMe subscription service, but does not require a subscription. Find My iPhone can be installed from the App Store. Instructions for configuring Find My iPhone and MobileMe are available at Apple's website.