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Laptop Accessories to Consider

What else do I need?

There are a few items that you may want to consider bringing with you to campus. These items can be purchased through the Dell and Apple stores or through your favorite local store.

Network cable
Even though most of campus is wireless you will want to connect to the wired network when in your room (a wired connection is faster, more stable and more secure). Estimated cost: under $10

External hard drive - Highly recommended
We see hard drives that have failed on every model of laptop and sometimes data is unrecoverable. Protect yourself by backing up your data! Estimated cost for 320gb drive: $70-$90

Since one of the best features of your laptop is portability, you should invest in a case that will allow you to safely take your laptop with you to class, the library or anywhere.  Estimated cost: $50-$150

USB key/thumb drive/jump drive
Back up your data, especially your papers! Transfer your files, move things around - protect yourself!  Estimated cost for 4gb drive: $5-$15

Laptop Lock
Don't risk your laptop plus all the data (notes, papers, music, etc.) stored on it. Secure your laptop with a laptop lock. Estimated cost: $35

We have printers in labs across campus, so you don't need a printer, but students often find them handy.  Any good quality USB ink jet printer is fine - HP, Epson, Lexmark, and Dell are popular brands.  Estimated cost: $50-100

Word Processing – Highly Recommended

Microsoft Office is the standard application used across campus. Students can purchase this software and others at educational discounts before and after arriving on campus through JourneyEd.com/select.

OpenOffice, an open source office suite, is another alternative and is available for download at no charge www.openoffice.org. Note: Open source software can frequently meet your needs and it does not cost anything! We cannot support open source software and it may not work for all assignments.