Campus Wireless Network


Our campus wireless network is dedicated to enabling students to effectively and efficiently utilize technology in their education. By using our Wi-Fi, you can make huge savings on your phone data plan. This free service is offered by the University for the benefit of its students. Review what areas on campus have wireless access.

Students who wish to use the wireless network must:

Students in violation of these policies are at risk of having their university computing and network privileges revoked and/or having fines imposed.

For students interested in purchasing a new laptop: review our Student Laptop Program information to find out more about computer requirements, special promotions and University computer support.

If you are currently off-campus

You may configure your computer for secure network access by following the directions available at

If you are currently on our campus

Please follow the intructions below:

  • Step 1: Connect your computer to the University's network. This can be via wireless (ROYALAIR) or by plugging into the network port located in your room.
  • Step 2: Network Authentication
    1. Launch a web browser - you will be redirected to a network authentication page
    2. Enter your e-mail username and password
    3. Click Continue
  • Step 3: Download Cisco NAC Agent
    1. Click Launch Cisco NAC windows agent
    2. Click Run if prompted
    3. The installation is complete when the Cisco NAC Agent login box appears (look in the taskbar).
  • Step 4: You will not be able to access the network until you have authenticated through Cisco NAC Agent.
    1. At the Cisco NAC Agent login window, enter your my.scranton username and password.
    2. DO NOT click Remember Me
    3. Click Login
  • Step 5: Cisco NAC will check certain security settings on computers to make certain security patches, critical updates and anti-virus is up-to-date.
    • Pass Checks- Click OK when you get the message “Full Network Access”.
    • Fail Checks- You will be given temporary network access to correct the problem(s). Cisco NAC will walk you through the process of updating your computer. Once you have corrected the problem(s), you will be able to complete the validation process and access to the network.

If you have questions, we’re here to help. The Technology Support Center staff assists students with computers, network access, telephones, e-mail accounts and software. We can troubleshoot and resolve issues with both the Mac and Windows operating systems.