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Frequently Asked Questions

Who Can Use ResNet?

Students living in a residence hall or a University owned house can connect to the Residential Network (ResNet). Commuter students can access ResNet using our wireless network (ROYALAIR).

Can I Purchase A Computer From The University?

NO, but The University has agreements with major vendors to sell computers to Scranton students via the web.

Visit http://www.scranton.edu/resnet to find out more about this attractive program.

What Kind Of Computer Should I Buy?

This is our most often asked question by parents and the most difficult to answer. The fast changing nature of the computer industry changes what a "good" computer is weekly. Most computers you see on the market today will be adequate for use at the University. The real trick is purchasing one that will fill the needs of a student for all four years of their University career. Our advice is to purchase as much computer as you can within your budget.

The Kania School of Management REQUIRES it's students to bring a laptop computer to class.

Should I Buy A Laptop Or Desktop Computer?

Due to the increased utilization of technology in course related work, we strongly recommend students bring a laptop computer. If you carry a laptop with you, your documents and applications are always immediately available. With our campus wireless capabilities, your laptop can access the Internet while on the go, so you have more places to do research, check your email, and be more productive. Laptops also free up desk space, have fewer cables, and use less energy.

Students involved in activities such as athletics that take them away from campus, students who may decide to study abroad, and students with internships off campus can do course work wherever they are with a laptop computer.

Advantages Of Purchasing A Laptop

  • Portable and convenient
  • Can be used in dorm rooms, classrooms, the library, cafeteria, meeting spaces, outdoor areas, at home – wherever you go
  • Compact – doesn’t take up much space
  • Lightweight – carry one anywhere
  • Easy to take to the Help Desk for support
  • Easy to transport to and from home
  • Easy to carry to the library for a quiet working environment
  • Wireless access to the Internet and e-mail throughout campus (requires 802.11b/g Wi-Fi certified network adapter)

Disadvantages Of Purchasing A Laptop

  • Easier to steal (security devices are available during Move-In weekend)

Note: The Kania School of Management REQUIRES it's students to bring a laptop computer to class.

Will I Need My Own Printer?

Students do not need to bring their own printer. However, it would be more convenient for students to print in their own rooms instead of going to a central location on campus to print. Laser printers are available in many lab facilities.  Students can purchase a DeskJet printer for under $100.

Can Students Connect To The Internet From Their Dorm Rooms?

YES, the University's Information Resources Division provides full Ethernet connections to all residence halls and University houses through a Residential Networking program called ResNet. A student who brings their own computer (meeting the ResNet hardware requirements) with an Ethernet network adapter and installs the ResNet software that we provide has direct access to the Internet and campus data services such as E-mail, the Weinberg Memorial Library, the University Information System, and the my.scranton portal.

How Much Does ResNet Service Cost?

ResNet service is part of your room contract. There is NO monthly or yearly charge for Internet access.

Does The University Utilize A Firewall In Their Network Configuration?

Yes, a firewall is in place preventing inbound access to ResNet. ResNet is an outbound service only that prohibits the use of unauthorized servers.

Does ResNet Support Wireless Connectivity?

The majority of campus is wireless. Students are prevented from establishing their own wireless networks in any university housing including wireless access points (such as Airport, Aironet, and other wireless base stations).

Where Do I Buy A Network Adapter For My Computer?

Students can purchase network adapters at any computer retailers.

What kind of wireless card would I need to connect to RoyalAir?

To connect to RoyalAir, you will need a wireless card that supports the 802.11b/g/n wireless networking standard.

Is Help Available for ResNet?

Yes, the Technology Support Center (TSC) offers free software support available by calling the TSC at (570) 941-HELP. If the TSC cannot resolve your issue over the phone, you can schedule an appointment to bring your laptop to the TSC.

The Laptop Support Center located in Hyland Hall 114 provides hardware warranty repairs for Dell and Apple computers.

How can I protect my computer from viruses?

We require all computers connected to ResNet to have anti-virus software installed and kept up to date. For Intel based computers we recommend students use Microsoft Security Essentials (free from Microsoft).  The recommendation for Apple computers is Sophos Anti-Virus.

If a computer on ResNet is infected with a virus and attempts to spread the virus on the network, it will be disconnected from the network (including Internet and e-mail) until the viruses have been removed and ResNet verifies that the computer is clean. This is done to reduce the number of virus infections on the network.

ResNet has seen a significant increase in Adware/Spyware on students' personal computers over the past year. ResNet recommends free software such as LavaSoft's AdAware and SpyBot Search and Destroy to reduce the problem.

Can I Bring A Macintosh Computer?

99% of the computers at Scranton run the Windows operating system but a Macintosh computer will work on ResNet.

Although Macintosh computers are not predominantly used in the Kania School, an Intel-based Mac computer running Windows alongside OS 10.5 Leopard or later, configured properly, is an acceptable, though higher-priced, alternative.