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Technology-Enriched Classrooms

There are currently 96 classrooms that are designated as Smart Classrooms. These rooms provide the ability for faculty and presenters to use and display various forms of media. Each classroom is typically equipped with a Computer, projector, screen, DVD/VCR player, document camera, speakers and a control system. In some locations additional equipment is also available including: Smartboards, amplifiers, microphones, LCD panels, slide projectors, and overhead projectors.

Video conferencing services are offered in rooms 110 and 213 of McGurrin Hall. These rooms are each fully equipped with the following: Polycom Videoconferencing Codec, two cameras, Lcd Projector, Dual Monitors, Microphones, DVD/VCR player, and Document Camera.

Newly installed infrastructure now affords the university the ability to have a video conference in any classroom with a data drop and the appropriate mobile video conferencing equipment.