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New Look for our live email

Microsoft Office365, our hosted email system,has been updated. Your live email may look a little different, but the functionality of the program has been improved. If you have experienced any problems or would like help with any of the features of the new email upgrade, contact the Technology Support Center.

Questions may be directed to the Technology Support Center at extension 4357 or by emailing

What's New for Outlook Web App

Apps in Outlook Web App

We’ve added several apps for Outlook: Bing Maps, Suggested Appointments, and Action Items. These apps are integrated with Outlook and Outlook Web App and extend the information and functionality of messages and calendar items.

Apps in Outlook attempt to anticipate your needs and automatically propose actions you might want to take by using the contents of the email message. For example, if an email message contains a street address, the Bing Maps app offers you a Bing tab with a quick link to a map and directions. Or, if a phrase in the email message suggests a possible action item, the Action Items app creates a suggested Task for your review. An offer to meet is suggested as an Appointment to be added to your calendar, thanks to the Suggested Appointments app.


  • Now, users can link multiple entries for the same person and view the information in a single contact card. For example, if a user has two entries for Holly Holt in his Contacts folder, one entry copied from the organization’s address list and one entry that he added manually, he can link the two entries in his Contacts folder and view all the information in one place. Contact linking is done automatically, but the user can also manually link and unlink contacts.
  • Connected accounts have been extended to include the ability to connect to a user’s LinkedIn account. After the link is established, Outlook Web App automatically adds the user’s LinkedIn contacts to the Contacts folder.

  • Users can now view multiple calendars in a merged view. Entries from each calendar have their own color, making it easy for users to identify which calendar an entry belongs to. In the day view, users can view multiple calendars in a merged view or in separate columns.
  • The month view now includes an agenda for the selected day, providing users with helpful information as they review the day's activities.
  • In all calendar views, users can click an item to view a pop-up of the item's details. In addition to the details, controls are now available to accept or decline the item if it’s a meeting, to edit or delete if it’s an appointment, or, if a meeting item, to join the meeting if an online meeting link is included.
Tablets and smartphones

Outlook Web App emphasizes a streamlined user interface that also supports the use of touch, enhancing the mobile device experience with Exchange.