Contacts and Tasks in Outlook 2010


Contacts in Outlook 2010

The University's Global Contacts List will migrate to Outlook 2010, when you configure that program. Click here for details.

If you have created a Personal Address Book(s), you can Export that list(s) to a file, to Import into Outlook 2010. This must be done PRIOR to the migration process of moving our Email into the new Live@edu/Outlook Live environment.

Here's How:

Log into the portal, select RoyalMail icon on top. When mail opens, select Address Book tab. Click the Import/Export button. On the next screen, select Export, and from the drop list, select Microsoft Outlook CSV. Save the file into My Documents folder.

To Import, in Outlook 2010, go to File Tab, select Open. Select Import, then in the Wizard, select Import from another program or file. Click next, and then select Comma Separated Values (.CSV). Select next, browse for the file, and click OK.

Your Personal Address Books/Contacts now appear in Outlook 2010.

For more information on Contacts - Click Here!

Tasks in Outlook 2010

Many people keep a list of things to do — on paper, in a spreadsheet, or with a combination of paper and electronic methods. In Outlook 2010 you can combine various lists into one, get reminders and track task progress.


For more information on Tasks - Click Here!

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