Configuring Outlook Live



Returning Students

     Our new Email system in Live@edu, will replace RoyalMail as our email server. All returning students will be given a new Email account login, using this format: For example, If there are students with the same name, a number sequence will be added. For example,
     Below is information to help students "claim their accounts" and instructions on how to retrieve existing email messages from RoyalMail and send them to Live@edu. 

     Note: you will continue to use your legacy login ID, for example,, to log into and for other university issues. The new Live@edu format is for logging into our new email system, using Outlook Live as our program. Your existing university email address doesn't change, it still works, as does the new format. Mail messages will be sent to Outlook Live using either email address, the legacy or the new format. 

     First, we will establish our new Email account identity in the Live@edu environment. You should have received an email detailing the steps involved with this process, and we have also provided an easy to follow step-by-step, as well.

Account Claim (Email Migration Instructions)


Click here for a step-by-step for Email Migration Instructions

Next, we'll import our stored email messages and folders from RoyalMail. If we also have saved addresses in a web address book, we can import that, as well.

Importing Our Existing Email Messages from RoyalMail
and Getting Our Address Book into Outlook Live


To get our existing Email from the RoyalMail server and into our new Outlook Live, follow the steps on the link below.

Click here for a step-by-step on getting our existing email into OUTLOOK LIVE (Connected Account).

To learn more about using OUTLOOK LIVE, including sending, receiving, and replying to emails, go to our OUTLOOK LIVE homepage, click here!

Next, we'll synch our mobile devices with our new Email program, OUTLOOK LIVE.

Synching Mobile Devices with Outlook Live

Synching our Mobile Devices, cell phone, iPads, tablets, etc. is easy and fast. Follow the step-by-step directions below to synch your devices with Outlook Live.

To Synch your Mobile Devices

iOS Configuration - click here!

Android Configuration - click here!

Once you've set up your email...

Now that you've configured your email, check out all the other features of Live@edu. You'll find a host of new and useful programs, all available "in the cloud." Check email, create documents, store and share photos and files, all from any web-enabled device.
Web Apps allow us to create and edit documents and files using the most popular Microsoft programs, such as WORD, EXCEL, PowerPoint, and OneNote.
SkyDrive allows us to store up to 25 Gigs of stuff in our personal storage area. Here we can share photos, files documents, and even collaborate on projects.

Find out more, click here for details!