Configuring Outlook Live



 The configuration process described below, will walk faculty members through the necessary steps to migrate Email, Address Books and Calendar data, from RoyalMail and ThunderBird systems to our new "in the cloud" Live@edu environment. Our new Email program will be Outlook Live, one of the Web Apps available in Live@edu.

Please select from the links below to go directly to that subject, or scroll through the subjects you will need to configure your new Outlook Live Email program. If you have any questions regarding the information below, call the Technology Support Center at ext. 4357.

Decision Tree - What to do Address Book Exporting
Account Claim Process Connected Accounts
Configure Outlook 2010 Client Transend Migrator
Configure Mobile Devices  


Decision Tree

The process of migrating our email from RoyalMail and ThunderBird to Outlook Live, is quick and easy. Below, you will find helpful links to help make the transition to the new Live@edu environment, using our Outlook Live Web App, as painless as possible.

First, we'll look at the Flow Chart or Decision Tree, of the whole process involved in getting our email from the old system, to the new Outlook Live. This roadmap will give users a good idea as to how they should proceed, based on their individual needs.

Click here for the Decision Tree

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Exporting our Web Address Book


Before we begin the Configuration Process, we need to Export our Web Address Book. This step is optional and only intended for those individuals who may want to keep personal addresses that have been stored in the web address book. If you do have personal addresses in the web address book you will need to export them prior to having your mailbox converted to Live@edu. Once your mailbox is converted to Live@edu you will not be able to log in to the express email client to retrieve the web address book. You will not need to export/import the corporate directory from the express email client.

Click here for a step-by-step on Exporting your Web Address Book

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Let's Begin Our Migration Process to Outlook Live

Account Claim (Email Migration Instructions)


Now that we have studied the Decision Tree and Exported our Web Address Book, if necessary, it's time to begin the process of migrating our email and setting up our new Outlook Live environment.
To begin, we'll have to 'claim' our account. What that means is that we will go through a process of a few screens to establish our new identity in the new system. Here, we'll establish our new password, which will become our system password for all Live@edu identification needs.

Click here for step-by-step Email Migration Instructions

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Importing RoyalMail and Address Book into Outlook Live


To get our mail from the RoyalMail server and into our new Outlook Live, follow the steps on the link below.

Click here for a step-by-step on migrating our email

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Configuring Outlook 2010 - Client


You only need to configure the full Microsoft Outlook 2010 client for use if anyone of the following conditions apply;
You have local mail or address books in Mozilla
Thunderbird that need to be imported into Live@edu,
you will be using the corporate calendar
function and need to assign delegate (a.k.a., designate) access to another person, or
you will
be using the corporate calendar function and need to act as a delegate (a.k.a., designate) on behalf of another person. If none of these conditions apply, your email, contact and calendar needs may be fully met by using the web based, Outlook Live email client at

To Configure the full Outlook 2010 program, click here

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Import LOCAL Email and Address Books from ThunderBird
Using Transend Migrator


The use of Transend Migrator is intended for individuals who have Thunderbird local email or address books that need to be migrated to Outlook Live. If you do not have Thunderbird local email or address books but do have RoyalMail server email that needs to be converted, please use the Connected Account instructions for migrating RoyalMail server mail to Live@edu. Following the Connected Account instructions will save you unnecessary steps and better meet your specific needs.

Click here to migrate your Local ThundeBird Email and Address Book into Outlook Live

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Synching Mobile Devices with Outlook Live

Synching our Mobile Devices, cell phone, iPads, tablets, etc. is easy and fast. Follow the step-by-step directions below to synch your devices with Outlook Live.

To Synch your Mobile Devices

iOS Configuration - click here!

Android Configuration - click here!

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Once you've set up your email...

Now that you've configured your email, check out all the other features of Live@edu. You'll find a host of new and useful programs, all available "in the cloud." Check email, create documents, store and share photos and files, all from any web-enabled device.
Web Apps allow us to create and edit documents and files using the most popular Microsoft programs, such as WORD, EXCEL, PowerPoint, and OneNote.
SkyDrive allows us to store up to 25 Gigs of stuff in our personal storage area. Here we can share photos, files documents, and even collaborate on projects.

Find out more, click here for details!