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About Internet2


Deployment of Internet2 in Northeastern PA

Pennsylvania was awarded SEGP (Sponsored Educational Group Participation) status for Internet2 in 2005. This designation opened the door to Internet2 connectivity to numerous organizations across the state (see Who Can Connect). The model for connecting these organizations in Pennsylvania is a series of Internet2 aggregation points throughout the Commonwealth.

In Fall, 2005, The University of Scranton was designated as Northeastern PA's aggregation point for MAGPI, the Mid-Atlantic GigaPoP in Philadelphia for Internet2 (www.magpi.net). MAGPI is one of two Internet2 GigaPoPs in Pennsylvania, located at the University of Pennsylvania, providing connectivity to the 10 Gigabit I2 backbone, called the Abilene network. MAGPI is making Internet2 accessible in NEPA through an agreement with The University of Scranton.

Counties Served by The University of Scranton

The counties that The University of Scranton serves are Lackawanna, Luzerne, Wayne, Pike, Wyoming, Sullivan, Susquehanna and Bradford counties. If your organization is within Pennsylvania, but not within one of the counties listed above, please contact the MAGPI GigaPoP in Philadelphia (www.magpi.net) to find out how to connect to Internet2.

Who can Connect?
Internet2 is exclusively for research and education. Therefore, organizations who can participate in Internet2 are:

· K-12 Schools, both public and private
· Intermediate Units
· Colleges and Universities
· Technical and Trade Schools
· Hospitals
· Public Libraries
· Museums
· Art Galleries
· Zoos

Participants must commit to using Internet2 to extend new technologies, applications, middleware and content to all educational sectors, but not use it for general or commercial business.

Private corporations could only gain access to the high speed network by partnering in research initiatives with participating U.S. universities.

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