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Identity Finder


Identity Finder is an easy and quick way to secure all the information on our computers, that may be susceptible to identity theft or other unauthorized use of this data.This sensitive information, is called Personally Identifiable Information, or PII. Examples of PII would be Social Security numbers, credit card numbers, drivers license numbers, passwords, and medical data, to name just a few.

The program is already setup for the University community, and all we have to do is run it to secure our own data.The program looks very similar to the Office package from Microsoft. It uses ribbons and icons to help us get to the tools we need to prevent our personal and University data from falling into the wrong hands.


Training for Identity Finder is still being offered for staff and faculty. If you are new to the university or you just need a refresher, you can easily register for training.

Contact Jack Williams, IT Training Specialist for Identity Finder Training

For a more detailed guide to using Identity Finder, click on the PDF icon, Identity Finder Main, below. For a Quick Guide to Identity Finder, click on the icon labeled Quick Guide.


Identity Finder Main


Quick Guide