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Information Resources

Welcome to the Division of Information Resources.

In support of the University of Scranton's institutional effectiveness and information technology & management needs, the work of our division is all about service: Our mission is to provide technology-based services and solutions that support the work of the University and guides the management of its information assets.

If you live, learn, or work at the University of Scranton, we're here to support you. Our technology infrastructure provides expertise and tools for boundless, seamless communications and computing, all designed to meet the challenges of today's learning and work environments. Our information management function serves as a bridge between the activities of several of the division's departments, including linking the work of the Planning & Institutional Effectiveness and Institutional Research Offices with those dedicated to technology and information resources.

The scope of our operations is vast, but it is grounded in five simple, fundamental values that we seek to make evident in all that we do:

  • A passion for our work
  • An atmosphere of mutual respect, collaboration, and professional responsibility
  • A distinct customer focus
  • A spirit of innovation
  • An emphasis on agility

Our divisional tactical plan, available at the link on the right side of this page, describes our goals for the years ahead.  Whatever your needs, I'm confident that the 60 employees in this division will endeavor to satisfy them in a professional and timely manner. We are always open to questions and comments, and look forward to serving you in your own pursuit of excellence.

Robyn Dickinson
Associate Vice President & CIO, Information Resources


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