Security User Class System

The Banner Security System is based on a set of Userclasses. The definition of Userclasses is primarily functional. The userclass concept greatly simplifies the access process. A Userclass is a collection of forms needed to support a specific function.

On-line Query System:

The Banner Security Class On-line query system is available to users who maintain Banner Security.

To access the system:

From Banner:  Go to form YOAUCLS

Click help for instructions on using this form.

To run a userclass report:

  • Log on to Banner
  • Double click on Reports Menu
  • Click #7 - Auxiliary Reports
  • Click #20 - Banner Security Reports
    You will be prompted for option:
    1. System report, additional prompt, system code (can run individual systems or enter Z for all systems
    2. User report, additional prompt, user name (can use the %) (this will list all userclasses for a certain user)
    3. Form report, additional prompt, form name (can use the %) (this will list all userclasses that contain a form)

    There is also a prompt for detail or summary. For example: detail for user report will list all forms, all users for user classes that user is in. Summary will only list user classes that user is in. Output will be in ban_ucls.lis in your PUMA login directory.