Learning About Banner

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Basic Banner

Basic Banner Introduction

Banner is a very comprehensive relational database, which serves the entire university. Data is stored through on-line forms, specific to task and department. The data stored in the relational database connects multiple tables to create a complete record. Specific information is gathered by specific forms that are used based upon the user’s security level and the context in which the data will be used.

The benefit of using Banner is that all users can enter data in multiple areas of Banner using standard codes, yet have the access to the shared data they need in the database to do their jobs.

Data is entered through a series of on-line forms. These forms are organized by process into a nested menu folder.To find data you can use a specific query form or within a form itself using the Search icon.

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Running Reports

The format for all reports or processes is the same. The parameters are specific to the report or process selected. There will be more information on Reports in a later lesson.